Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Try The ABUSER as an ADULT

Let's Get Justice for Dusty!

Print Available here.

How could *anyone* abuse something so sweet as what's pictured above? Well that's exactly what this kid -a.k.a a lot of other things I'd like to call him but won't- did. See for yourself...go here to read and sign the petition about how this kid abused the family cat and posted video's on youtube. He apparently even has a website - which I will not go to, nor will I mention his name on my blog because he doesn't deserve it. What he DOES deserve is a good beating himself and I imagine from the looks of the signatures hitting this petition, there's a lot of people out there who would love to stone him or worse.

I honestly can say, right now, he's lucky there is a legal system in place and that the majority of the people in this country DO abide by the law, because if not, he'd probably already be beaten - or worse, he'd be dead.

This kid has no right to be on the streets, and never, ever should be allowed in the presence of an animal...unless it's one who can take HIM on (like to see what my Max would do with him). He needs some serious counseling while he sits in jail and hopefully will sit there as an ADULT. Sign the petition - help bring this animal abuser to justice!

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