Monday, February 16, 2009

Why we're going bright...The Reasons Behind Coloresque

We don’t just notice colors, we feel them. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, they empower and uplift us. From morning until night, they dominate our life, transforming nature’s energy into our own personal realization. Every color has its own personality and in each lies knowledge, clarity, and understanding.

Color exerts a powerful influence upon our minds and emotions. Color is not a lifeless, static, phenomenon, as many people seem to think. It is a vital force, a very strong power and influence over our lives, and there is an abundance of brilliant color hidden within the “normal” colors our eyes see.

Color is awakened within our photographs, and the amazing affects will subtly become infused into your life. While any time is a good time to enrich your life with rich and vibrant color, now is an even better time to do so. It is a proven fact dull, muddy colors indicate – and encourage – depression, unhappiness, and boredom. There’s no doubt events occur in everyone’s life which can cause periods of the blahs. Yet the time spent in these moments can be less…if you choose to add brighter colors to your environment.

Color is a nutrient for the mind, just as vitamins are for the body. As little as two minutes of exposure to a rainbow of bright color will sharpen your mind. Vibrant and bright colors can transform a sour or sad mood very quickly, and bring inspiration and encouragement back into your life. Just glancing at a burst of glowing color creates restoration and renewal.

By filling your surroundings with your favorite subjects portrayed in our Coloresque photos, you will feel better in all areas of your life, thanks to vivid, brilliant color.

Our photographic prints make great additions to home and office decor, especially when you desire to add a burst of color into a not-so-colorful location. For those who already have a bright and colorful room, our photos fit in perfectly. :) Our prints and our products with our imagery make fabulous greetings and gifts for the special people in your life. How blessed they will be that you have chosen imagery which cannot be found in a multitude of mass-market locations. They will feel truly special.

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Jai Allyson Photography

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