Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bulldog Painting in Progress - getting close!

I've completed some more on Mr. Bulldog. For this in progress photo, I thought I'd share a photo which shows the beginning process of an area, and a comparable finished area - the ears. Notice the left ear - that's how the process begins with the oil pastel...a light base layer. I'll add a little more color to that area, then blend, then add more color, then blend, then add the refining color where necessary. Each area of a painting has at least 3 layers -- some areas have 5-6 layers of color.

I'm done working on him tonight. The dehumidifier is running full force in my wet basement/studio, and it's soooooo hot down there from the warm air it blows out of the back, I can't stand it. It's actually giving me a headache. It's necessary to dry everything out though. Maybe someday I'll sell enough paintings to get the leaking problem fixed, and then I'll be able to work in a little more comfort. That would be wonderful! :) So for now, the bulldog is going to sleep.

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