Saturday, May 23, 2009

New designs! Cats, dogs, and a Squirrel Christmas design!

It's been another busy week here at Dixie Lane. Lots of HTML work - so much I'm surprised my head hasn't exploded or my eyes haven't fallen out! PHEW! First, I've been working on the site - where the focus is my dog, cat, bird and wildlife digital pop art designs. Second, I've created lots of new designs this week as well! Check some of these out:

CAT: In Living Color

Rowdy is the star in this first design - I created several different color images of him and combined them all into one cool design. Click the photo to see all the neat products this imagery is available on!

Black Ragdoll Cat

Then I made Mr. T a star with some fun and funky coloring. I also created a cool heart with some greenery below featuring this cat with such gorgeous eyes! He is also a subject in my Christmas design series - click here to see Mr. T's Christmas designs!

Black Cat Heart

I created another Bichon design, this time with a heart shape and royal red ribbons:

Bichon Frise Royal Heart

German Shepherd Pop Art

Of course Max had to be in there somewhere! A cool pop art style design with some bright colors against a subdued blue background. Max is available in my Christmas series as well - click here to see his designs. - perfect for German Shepherd lovers!

Scottish Terrier Christmas II

I made this design from one of our photos of a Scottie dog from the local dog show. He looks so cute with his Santa hat on!

And then today I did a design I know my neighbor Bill will love! One of his favorite little buddies - ready for Christmas! Here's his two holiday designs:

Squirrel Christmas

Squirrel II Christmas

This little fella is also available in "non-Christmas" style here.

So my goal now is to get all the major dog, cat, and bird breeds complete in this Christmas series before August 1 for I know - it's a big goal. But I have to do it. I've been wanting for 8 years to do a Christmas series relating to animals. I've procrasinated long enough - it's time to just DO IT. :)

So stay there's so many more coming! If you want me to move your favorite breed to the top of my list, drop me an email and I'll get right on it! :)


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