Sunday, May 10, 2009

Miniature Pinscher Dog Design & Tree Frog Design

I Love Tree Frogs Tote Bag

It rained again. Yep. What - we've had about 2 solid weeks of this? So, the studio is once again flooded. Which meant yesterday was a work-upstairs-on-the-computer day. So I created some new designs for you! The first shown here is my "I Love Tree Frogs" pop art design. Shown above on a tote bag, but available on SO MANY MORE cool products in the Love Beat shop, both image-only and with the words. Also available in my Zazzle shop on more cool products.

Miniature Pinscher Modern Wall Clock

And then I created this cool pop art style design featuring a Miniature Pinscher. Also available on so many exciting products, both with and without words. This is a dog I photographed at a vets office...his name is Scrappy and he was just the CUTEST! He made for a fabulous, colorful design for the Min Pin lovers of the world. :)

While I was working on Scrappy's design, my daughter Allyson (who is now LISTING and SELLING her cool jewelry in my Etsy Shop *all by herself*!) comes in with one of the cats and announces to me there is a lizard outside. I'm like "" She informed me I had to come get it...the cats were after it and it had to be rescued. Sigh.

So off I go to try to catch this lizard and take him where the cats can't see him. He was way too fast, and escaped under the lawnmower. I go to move the lawnmower & something crosses my foot. Daughter squeals when I jumped back, saying she hoped it wasn't a snake (I did tell you about the long snake on our house wall a week or so ago, didn't I? *Neighbor Bill had to get it - I do NOT do snakes!*). I pulled the mower back further and it was a HUGE frog that had jumped across my foot. The lizard skee-daddled away, so I got the frog, and took him off to let him go.

Later, I was outside, and there are two of the cats - both staring at something. Lo and behold - *another* frog. Had to rescue that one too.

Right before bed, Allyson says as she looks outside " what is that in the yard that Nikko is staring at? It's big and it's looking back at her". Oh my. I open the door and go out with a flashlight, and lo and behold, it was an *armadillo*! It slunk off into the brush - I think it's under Bill's storage buildings. :)

Never a dull moment here. And you wonder why I love to paint animals? They're *everywhere*'s my LIFE! :)

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