Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's up in Jai-Land! Custom Pop Art Digital Pet Paintings

The bulldog is still not done. My basement (studio) flooded from all the rain Tennessee has had, and I didn't feel like sitting there with my feet in cold water. It's finally drying out, and I hope to be able to go down there and work this afternoon.

In the meantime, I've been working on my other two projects, Real Cats Wear Pink (for those who like sarcasm, wit, and humor) and Love Beat where you can express to the world what you love most. Through Love Beat, I'm also now offering custom digital art pop art pet portraits on a variety of products! Visit the Love Beat Custom Page to learn more about this service - it's a great way...especially for people on a get something custom designed featuring their pet(s)!

Here's an example of a custom pop art pet painting on a product:

I Love German Shepherds III Jr. Jersey T-Shirt

The pop are pet paintings are full of cool colors presented to show your pet in a unique fashion that's funky and fun. For only $24.95, I'll do a pop art painting of YOUR PET and put it on all the same products for you! Once again, visit my custom page to get the details, see examples, and commission your pet's pop art portrait.

I'm also still offering my custom digital paintings like this:

Love your pet? Custom Pet Portrait - Framed Print

These paintings are $100, and you receive a framed print with your pet's digital painting, such as the one shown above. Email me to discuss a commission digital painting of your pet.

And of course, my original oil pastel paintings can be purchased via GalleryJai.Com, plus I do commission lifelike oil pastel paintings in various sizes for a VERY reasonable rate.

So now I have something for everyone, in every budget range! Which has been a long time goal. All in all - I want to paint your pets, and I want you to be able to afford for me to do it. :)

Now I'm off to check the basement before I eat lunch, and see if it's time to dump the dehumidifyer for the millionth time. Joy oh joy! :)

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