Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dog Show Photos from Jackson, TN

We went to visit the dog show being held here in Jackson, TN yesterday and today. And we'll probably go back tomorrow (I *love* the dogs!). This little fella here - an adorable and awful sweet Pug - was the first to welcome us to the show. Who wouldn't feel welcome with this little happy face greeting you? I got several photos of him, and already made a pop art digital painting - in fact, he's the star of a Christmas design already, which you can see here.

The next to greet us was this massive dog, called a Dogue de Bordeaux - or a "French Mastiff". What a friendly boy he was! I LOVED this dog! I'll be doing a painting of him soon, for sure.

Here's a lady having fun with her Bull Terrier. Looks like a big ole baby. :)

This black Standard Poodle posed so nicely for us. He knew he was hot stuff. :)

This little girl here just looks so sad about having to be brushed again. And FLAT IRONED! Yes, they flat iron the dog's hair. Honey, I don't blame you for being sad about it...I hate it when I do my hair too.

Here's a group lined up in the ring. Lots of beautiful dogs in this group.

This little Pomeranian was SO READY to come out of that crate. Lemme out, please please please!

I love this photo of this Harlequin Great Dane meeting up with a Rat Terrier. About 150 pounds verses 8 here. What a cool comparison! I originally thought of using this photo to do a large, 16x20 oil pastel - I'm not sure if I will...I have to play with some things and see if I can get happy with it first, but I think it would make a great larger painting.

And here's my favorite group - the German Shepherds. I kept trying to get a decent photo of them all lined up. The handler's face is blurred (2nd dog), but hey, after all, I was trying to get the dogs. :) I'd love to do a painting of a line of these beauties. Every photo has something amiss...the GSD's *never* are still - except for maybe that one second I wasn't taking a photo. Glad to know mine is not the only GSD that's like this...I was beginning to think Max has a bit of ADD, but now that I've seen these, I believe it's normal for the breed. Anyway...if I piece together enough of the photos, I think I'll be able to come up with a good reference/composition for a 16x20 of the GSD's which I *really really* want to do!

Thank you for coming! We enjoyed having you! This cute-as-can-be Bulldog sends me off for the day. Like I said, I may go back tommorrow. The problem is I have VERY SORE THIGHS. Obviously, I haven't done as many "squats" as I did at this show in a long, long time. I got to see so many beautiful dogs, and learned how out of shape I am at the same time. But I may hobble back down there tomorrow. Think I'll give Allyson the camera and let her do the squats, though. :)

BTW, I picked up a great gift for myself while I was there (yeah, I know, that's freaky...haven't bought myself a "gift" in years!). It's a gorgeous hand-painted German Shepherd miniature portrait on Agate from an artist out of Ohio. Her website is which shows some examples of her work. You can contact her through her site to order. Of course there were vendors there selling mass-market stuff...but you know me - being an artist AND a jewelry designer as this lady is, I knew where to put my hard-earned money! I have a lovely pin (which I can wear as a pendant too) that I'll treasure forever!

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