Monday, July 13, 2009

Commission a Painting of Your Pet

The above photo is a snapshot I took off a Yorkshire Terrier at our local flea market. What a precious little fella! His name is Dollar. I thought this was a wonderful pose, but didn't like the colors or background, so I decided to create a digital painting of him.

A portrait is a wonderful way to create a lasting memory of your special friend. Whether to celebrate a beloved pet or remember a best friend who's no longer with you, an original pet painting makes such a special gift for yourself or for friends and family. I am truly inspired and fulfilled when I can bring the joy of your pet to life in a portrait, and I consider it an honor to create a memory you'll treasure forever of your special companion.

Below is the completed art:

Isn't he just precious? I'd love to create a piece of artwork like this featuring your pet, too! Please visit my commissions page to learn more. The Yorkshire Terrier art is available on a variety of gifts in my shop.

My digital pet paintings begin with a photo of your pet, and emerge into a bold, colorful and painterly design. In my traditional painting methods, I use brushes and paint on canvas, or oil pastel on board. In my digital painting method, I usually use airbrush on the computer screen, which is my "canvas". Sometimes I will use a regular brush (on the computer) to create brushstrokes, but I prefer the airbrush application.

I use the same brush strokes and blending methods as I use in my traditional paintings, but on a different canvas - my computer screen. I use a Wacom Tablet to do the painting - the pen tool on the tablet serves as my "brush". I usually follow the same style of application it takes to prepare this kind of painting - however, because it's done on the computer, I can create a softer and more blended look. The way of laying down the paint is the same, however.

Once complete, the image of your pet's painting can then be printed on paper or canvas, or transferred to a variety of unique gift items, just like the images of my traditional paintings are. The process is very similar - but digital painting doesn't require the supplies, plus it's easier to correct mistakes. I've always wanted to do airbrushing, but never had the material to do being able to use airbrushing as way of applying the paint colors digitally is a blessing!

Your pet's painting is also presented on a variety of print sizes, cards, and other gifts for you to purchase. My custom pet portraits and the corresponding products they are placed on make GREAT gifts for holidays, birthdays, and Christmas! To book a time slot for your custom pet painting, please visit my commission page.

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