Monday, July 6, 2009

You mean 4th of July has come & gone?

Wow. I didn't even realize we had a holiday. Why? Because I was at the emergency vet for hours with Lady that night. Her condition got worse on Saturday the 4th, to the point where I saw blood and was sure it was "the end". Turns out, she has a case of pancreatitis. I guess it must be considered "mild" since she was sent home with us.

She had a shot, and was prescribed a GI Mix (Kaeopectate with Albon) and Metronidazole (I'm sure I've spelled that wrong). She had to stay off food until today, and beginning to day, we start back slowly with a boiled chicken/rice mix.

She's had no more gastric issues since she got the shot at the vet. She was allowed water yesterday in small amounts through the day, along with her meds. She kept that down/in just fine, and followed us around all day expectantly looking (i.e. BEGGING) for food. She looked so sad when I told her she couldn't have food! It was PITIFUL!

Today I'm giving 1 cup of the "easy stomach mix" (boiled chicken and white rice). I'm splitting this 1 cup up into 3 meals through the day to see how she handles it. So far, she's had serving #1 and is doing okay.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed she'll respond okay, because if she doesn't it can mean hospitalization and I am completely out of money. I had to take all of our bill paying money plus borrow $100 just to pay the emergency bill! I don't know what I'm going to do about the bills which are all due right now. Sigh.

I hate having sick babies and I hate not being able to pay for their care when it's needed. :(

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Iris said...

I'm so sorry Lady is not feeling well - Frosty & Belle send her prayers and best wishes.