Friday, July 3, 2009

Lady in June

This is our dear Lady. Allyson got this cool photo of her a couple days ago and we framed it and put it on our kitchen wall. Lady isn't doing so well the past couple days...and we need some prayers for her!

Lady is almost 10 years old and has been with us since she was about 1 year old. She is the BEST dog we've ever had...just so good. She came to us as a stray, and she was totally trained! I knew she belonged to someone, but we couldn't find her owner. We put up signs and ran an ad in the paper. No one called. About 3 weeks after that, she went into heat, and then I took her and had her spayed. At that point she became ours.

Lady's been having such a rough time lately...please send up some good thoughts and prayers for her. She has a terrible yeast infection, and one of her front legs has a knot on it. Unfortunately I can't find out what's going on, because I don't have enough money for the x-rays or bloodwork or other things she needs done. We've had her on Ketaconzale for the yeast and then Vetprofen for the pain, plus I'd started giving her Cosequin (glucosamine) - all of which helped a lot!

But just the other day, she started having stomach issues. The vet said it's probably the Vetprofen as its hard on the stomach, plus the Ketaconzale depresses the appetite, which made her not want to eat her food (though she wants OUR food!) Now I've pulled her off all of her meds, the vet told me to give her Prilosec and boiled chicken and rice. At this point, it's not working well...she's still having issues. He told me it takes a while for the Prilosec to start helping and her stomach to settle down. This dog has always had an iron stomach, so I'm a bit concerned. She's been on Vetprofen and Rimadyl before for pain and never had issues with the meds...but then this time she'd been on it 3 weeks where before the longest was 10 days.

I really hope she can get better, but I'm concerned there might be an underlying issue...the knot on her leg really worries me. I've played the lottery recently using some of my change, hoping I could win enough money for the vet to do the necessary tests. Seriously...I did...went it there with rolls of pennies and nickels and dimes. I'm sure the lady thought I was NUTS. (she was right) Unfortunately, I didn't win!

All I have to offer at this point is prayers for her recovery from whatever this is. Maybe that will be enough. But it would help if my readers could say a prayer too. :)

P.S. If you look in her eyes you can see Allyson's reflection as she took the photo!


Pop Art Diva! said...

Glucosamine can also be hard on pet's stomachs!!

Thinking good thoughts for your Lady!!!

Found you through the zazzle tweet, btw!


Jai Johnson • GalleryJai.Com said...

Hi Diva...I wondered about the glucosamine and the vets said nooooo it wouldn't mess her up. She's not back on it yet, and she's doing okay without it at this point.