Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Zazzle: A lesson in customization for customers

Zazzle is not only a great website to find unique art and designs on cool products, it's also a place where you can customize most things to fit YOUR needs! In this post, I'm going to show you just how easy it is to customize a product you find on Zazzle to suit what you're looking for. Not only does this customization feature help you create exactly what you want, it also helps you become a part of the creative process. Creating things is incredible self-satisfying and therapeutic - which is why I spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week doing it myself! Yes, I even create in my sleep. :)

So let's get started. Click on any of the images in this post to see them full size.

You're browsing around Zazzle and you stumble upon this fabulous art on a postcard :). You love apples, and you love the colors of this painting. As you're looking at it, you think to yourself, Wow...this would be great if I could put my recipe for my famous apple pie on it and give to the ladies at church at our next recipe exchange!

But this is a postcard. However - because of the customization feature - you can make this card look just like you want! Notice the customization button I've circled in the screen shot below:

Click the customization button. It shows you what's pictured below. Notice the "add text" button I've circled. Click that button to add some text to the front of the card.

Type your text in the box and hit OK.

You're text now appears on the front. You can now choose a font style, the size, and the color of the font. You can grab the text box and move it around where you want, or you can use the arrow buttons in the customization section to move the text around.

Select the font from the extensive list of offerings. I like script style fonts, so I chose one of them.

Adjust your font to the size you want as shown below.

Now that you have the front looking like you want, let's move to the back. Click the tiny card back image under the large image and it will appear. The back of this card has several elements. Since I'm not using this as a postcard, I don't need these elements here. In the customize it box, I can delete the elements I don't want to appear. I'm deleting them all so I can start with a clean slate for the back of the card.

Using the Add Text box, I've added a text box for the title of my recipe (Apple Pie), and then I added another text box for the ingredients. I've chosen my font styles, size and colors. Now I'm getting ready to add a third text box to feature my instructions:

After typing my instructions in the text box, adjusting font style, size and color for the third text box, I hit okay and take a look at the back of my card:

I like it! It's time to place my order. Notice the red asterik I've made by the words "Buy in Bulk". Since I want 50 of these cards to pass out at the recipe exchange, I click the link to see how much I'll save on this card and then I'll select the quantity in the box - which will automatically reflect my discount for ordering so many!

Now I can add my cards to my cart, and check out. Easy-Peasy! And how fun that at my recipe exchange, I'll have a cool card with colorful art I can pass out without having to have done the work of printing the cards myself here at home. And because Zazzle processes orders so quickly, I know I'll have these cards in my hand long before my upcoming event. :)

P.S. I have published the above Apple Pie Recipe Card in my Zazzle store, just in case you'd like to order this one for yourself. :)

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