Saturday, July 18, 2009

Your Royal Pet

I was trying to figure out a unique way to be able to put my newer digital paintings on the shirts at Zazzle without having just a square image on the front of the shirt. So I came up with a "royal crest" design, with the image of the pet inside the crest for a really unique look! Check one out on this example shirt featuring my Yorkshire Terrier painting:

Then I decided to create the crest where people could put a photo of their own pet inside the crest. It took me all day yesterday to figure it out and make it work, but it's finally done! Now there's a whole line of products where you can import your pet's photo into the crest. Here's an example:

Above is the shirt with no image inside the crest...all you have to do is click the box that says "your image here" and upload your pet's photo, and it will appear in the middle! This design works best with a horizontal photo, rather than the portrait style photo, but the portrait style photo can be adjusted by using the "customize it" button on the page, clicking on the image name, and hitting the + button a few times, then moving it around easily by using the up/down/left/right buttons on the image menu.

Go ahead and try it out with a photo of your pet! See all the products available in this Royal Pet line here.

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