Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New cat photos, one Goldendoodle, and one lonely bird. :)

Recently I met a girl on twitter who raises Goldendoodle dogs (a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle). These dogs are beautiful! So I decided to do a digital portrait of one, and this is what I came up with. I love the purple background against his golden color! This painting is available on a variety of products and gifts here.

Today, I decided to work with some photography. The first design I completed features this adorable photo of Nikko dipping her toe in Bill's bird bath. I decided to put a little motivational message with this one. :) This photo is available on products and gifts here.

Check out this *excellent* photo Allyson captured of Sassy the other day! He is such a beautiful cat, with very unique markings. I love the green of his eyes with the tiny bit of green from the background - it almost matches exactly! Sassy's gorgeous face is available on products and gifts here.

Then I came across this photo Allyson shot of one of our cardinals. I titled this design "Corn Husker". He posed very nicely for her with a piece of the corn in his beak. I thought Cardinal lovers - or any backyard bird fanatics - would like this photo, and it's available on products and gifts here.

And then we have Nikko again. I think she misses Bill. :) This was taken on his front porch, where she was hanging her head over the bars with a longing look in her eyes. I can almost hear her saying "I miss my belly rubs!" (not like she hasn't had any belly rubs from US...haha) I put her photo on cards and other gifts. I can see this making a terrific "Thinking of You" or "Miss You" card...and being you can customize the cards in my Zazzle shop, it's very easy for you to make Nikko say exactly what you want her to say. :)

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