Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Customizing Your Print Size at Zazzle to a Standard Size

Zazzle has some odd print sizes listed on the site, which unfortunately will not fit most standard frames. They do have a list of common sizes which you can click on when you choose the "customize" button - why they don't appear in the list of choices is beyond me! I've made this quick little tutorial to show my customers how to adjust the print they like to a standard size. I'm using my Siamese Cat Portrait Print as an example. (click on the images below to see them full size)

Below is the first screen shot showing you what you see when you go to a print product. Notice what I've circled in red. Notice is says 20x15. That's NOT a standard size. If you change it to 20x16, which is standard, you can find mats and frames much more easily. For this example, I've chosen to do that with this print. You want to click on the CUSTOMIZE IT button which I've also circled for you.

After you've clicked on the button, you'll see this screen - you want to choose the "print options" tab.

The image below shows you the print options tab choices. Notice I've circled the check box that says "link these". UNCHECK that box.

Enter "16" in the box where it says "15" and choose OK. Then make your paper choice and click on ADD TO CART.

This is what you should see now in your cart:

The size is correct and you're ready to check out. By using the customize it button and changing the size to a standard one, you'll now be able to easily find a frame for your print. Of course, Zazzle does offer framing on the site - which is fine if you're working with an odd-sized print, as they will make it work. But if you plan on purchasing your own frame, it's better to change the print size to a standard one.

Here are standard sizes for your reference - you should easily be able to purchase frames anywhere for these size prints.



16" x 20"
11" x 17"
12" x 12" (square)
12" x 18"
12" x 36" (panoramic)
18" x 24"
20" x 20" (square)
20" x 30"
22" x 28"
24" x 24" (square)
24" x 36"
30" x 40"
36" x 48"
48" x 64"
52" x 78" (whoa, nelly!)

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