Friday, July 10, 2009

What's Your Favorite Dog Breed?

So what's your favorite dog breed? On this shirt design, you can fill in your breed yourself! I've made a quick tutorial up on just how EASY it is to customize. Take a look:

You'll probably have to click the photos to see them large enough to read. :)

Type your favorite dog breed in the box provided.

Notice it changes on the shirt as you type cool is THAT? :)

Now I have my favorite breed typed in...but I want a different style of shirt. Click on the STYLE OPTIONS tab.

Here you can choose different style shirts (men, women, children, babies) and colors.

Let's see how this looks on black...hmmmm...I like it! I think I'll order this ADD TO CART to order.

Now let's have a little more fun with this versatile design. Something else I love is Mexican Food. Those words would work on this shirt too!

I've typed the thing I love in the box, chosen a shirt style and color for me, and now I want to change the colors of the words "Mexican Food". On the PERSONALIZE tab, see what I've circled and click it.

A little window opens there which will allow me to change the font size, color, and even style of font.

I want my words to be RED and I adjust color and font size.

That's better! Think I'll order this one too, so I can wear it to my favorite Mexican restaurant. :)

I hope this brief tutorial shows you just how easy it is to customize products on Zazzle.

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