Friday, March 20, 2009

Cat Painting #9, My Favorite Toy

One of Oreo's favorite toys is this catnip mouse...she absolutely goes nuts over it, is very proud of it, and loves to show it off after she catches it. I originally thought it was because of the catnip, however, she doesn't respond to other catnip toys as well as she does this I'm beginning to think she likes the material this mouse is made from. In this painting, I've portrayed her exactly as she was photographed...lying upside down under me, showing off her favorite toy.

I thought I'd never finish this's been a rough, stressful week here at my place, and it's so hard to work under those conditions. I do NOT like to paint when my emotions are all over the place from stress. I find I'm totally unfocused and lost. Making decisions regarding the painting are difficult. But I plugged along - it took me two days instead of one - and I am pleased with the result. I'm exhausted though, as it seemed to have took much more out of me than normal to do this painting. I'm actually happy I was able to finish it in two days...the way it was going yesterday, I just knew it would take a week! :)

This painting is available:

My Favorite Toy, oil pastel on board, size 8x10" $100

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