Friday, March 27, 2009

A few afternoon visitors

Allyson spent the afternoon trying to capture our elusive groundhog on camera. While she was waiting, she had a few other visitors.
You lookin' for me?

Look, I can do a little dance for ya!

How's this pose?

Hey, don't forget about me up here!

Did you say groundhog? Where...where?!

And the fella finally came out from under the building. Here he's shown sniffing the side of the storage shed.

And here he is, venturing out a bit more.

Because the groundhog was photographed with our zoom lens - which is not the greatest - his photos aren't as good as the others. But the way Allyson is, she'll have the guy eating out of her hand soon!

P.S. Any idea what groundhogs like to eat?

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