Monday, March 16, 2009

Cat Painting #7, Those Eyes

Bootsie has beautiful eyes. I guess that's what got her in trouble. They're so big, and they glow like diamonds in the night. During her many evenings out on the town, she must have batted those beauties at some handsome male feline who said "Ooohlala, she's the one!". Six weeks later, she brought three gorgeous grandkittens to the house. Chest all puffed out and sitting proud, she looked at me with tired eyes and asked me to take over feeding them. Eyes...they'll get you in trouble sometimes. :)

This is painting #7 in my 365 Cat Paintings series and it's for sale here:

Those Eyes, oil pastel on board, size 8x10" $100

Take a look below at Bootsie checking out her painting:

I think she likes it!

She's smiling!

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