Thursday, March 12, 2009

Want your cat included in the 365 Cat Paintings series? read this...

I've had a few requests from owners who would like me to paint their cats in my new 365 Cat Paintings Series. And I thought it would be wonderful if I offered those owners a discount on an original painting of their here's the deal.

If you want me to paint an 8x10" oil pastel (on matboard, suitable for mounting in any standard 8x10" frame) painting of YOUR CAT, I will do so for $75 instead of my usual $100 purchase price for these paintings. For your $75, you will receive the original painting of your cat shipped to you upon completion, and to further thank you for participating in my series and allowing me to paint your cat, I'll send you a box of 10 notecards with your cat's painting, such as the ones featured here.

All I need from you are great photos of your cat in the pose you'd like him/her painted in. Full body or close up face shots will both work - just select some favorites from your photos, and email me the photos here. Upon completion of your cat's painting, I will email you the final photograph (plus you'll see an in-progress posted here to the blog just like I'm doing with all of the paintings in the series), and as soon as payment is received, your painting will be on its way to you! About a week later, you'll receive a box of 10 notecards featuring your painting, too! :)

I look forward to working with you and including your cat in my 365 Cat Paintings series. :)

P.S. So what if you don't have a cat, but you have a dog, bird, hamster, or other beloved pet? No problem! I'll offer YOU the same deal as I offer my "cat people". :)

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