Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cat Painting #11, Listening...a black cat painting

Pistol, our black cat, loves to sit on the kitchen chairs and catch a little sunshine. On this particular day, he was listening intently for the sound of our German Shepherd coming down the hall. See, they have this little game they play...it's one of chase, and they've played it since Max was a pup. Two and a half years later, nothing's changed...Pistol still sits in the chair, his gaze fixed on the hallway and his ears listening for the sound of those dog toenails. :)

This painting was a tough one for me...it's been so long since I've painted a solid black animal, which, of course, is NOT just solid black. There are so many colors involved. After I got my brain wrapped around the direction I needed to go, the painting went smooth and fast. I think Pistol looks very handsome in all his colors. :)

This painting is available here:

Listening, oil pastel on board, size 8x10" $100

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