Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Cats Response to the Fallen Tree

When the tree fell on our house Sunday night, all but one of the cats were on the carport. In fact, it was seeing their little heads pop up at the firecracker sounds of the tree initially coming down which let us know something big was happening. Bootsie had actually been spotted running from the direction of the falling tree up to the carport. (I TOLD HER to quit using that tree as a scratching post!)

So when the tree hit and shook our house to the core, all the cats disappeared over the wall. Rowdy was the first to come back and explore. In this first photo, he's shown checking out the hole where the tree uprooted from:

A few minutes later, he's shown climbing the part on our roof...going up to explore the roof:

The next morning, here's Oreo, sitting on the fallen tree in the midst of the foliage:

Bootsie checks out the tree...this smells funny!

Bootsie takes a walk on the tree:

Nikko returns...what in the world happened here?!

Rowdy...hmmm...wonder what's under here?

Nikko...this is unreal!

Nikko again...

Rowdy comes back to explore the uprooted portion again:

Bootsie...what am I gonna do with all this mess?

And last but not least, when we finally let Max out the back after cleanup, he runs over to check out this huge, empty spot.

It looks so weird now! Hard to believe the tree is not there anymore! My neighbors are probably even more shocked than I...as they've lived here 30 years and were as much married to that tree as they are to each other!

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