Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing RealCatsWearPink.Com

So it's quite a bit different than my original paintings. But it's commercial. Easy. And appeals to the masses. I've been sitting on this line of work and putting it off for a long time. This is my new project, released now to specifically counteract a recent hairball or two that's been tossed my way. Here's a little blip from the website:

Sometimes life throws you a hairball or two. It's overwhelming, incomprehensible, maddening, and just plain frustrating. Grab a dose of the pink stuff - it's time to feel all better. Don't let your feelings stay stuffed in a closet anymore - release them and let the world know how you feel with boldness, passion, style and originality!

State your mind • Be real • Be pink.

Welcome to Real Cats Wear Pink, the online merchandise shop for RealCatsWearPink.Com, where our powerful pink cat with an attitude as big as her hair gets real with you, offering humor, wit, and sayin' it like it is philosophies on a wide variety of fun products, from t-shirts to sweats, cards, clocks, magnets, framed art, mousepads, coffee mugs, and so much more!

So when I'm not working on fine art ~~> you'll find me making designs for Real Cats Wear Pink. :)

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