Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ACEO Miniature Art Cards of my original paintings

This morning I completed the printing and assembling of ACEO prints I've made from my original paintings. Of course, these will be appreciated by ACEO collectors, but I thought it was also a good way to introduce people to my artwork on a smaller - and less expensive - scale. The prints are very close in detail and color to the original for only $8 a customer can examine my art, the detail, as well as my service, before they choose to invest in an original painting. (Originals start at $100)

Not to mention, these miniature artworks (size 3.5" x 2.5") are cute as can be, fit in standard trading card albums, are affixed onto a stand-alone card, making desk or counter display quite easy, and they look absolutely adorable matted and framed and hanging on the wall!

See the available ACEO print selection here on Etsy. Each print is available in a limited edition of *8*. Once all 8 are sold, no more will be printed in this size art.

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