Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dog painting in progress

After a t-totally rough week (you know the kind...the one you hope you never have to do over again), I have gotten back in the studio. This is the bare-bones-beginning of a painting of Lady, up close and personal. She has a very intense and studious look in her gaze, and I'm going to try to capture that in the painting as well. I usually don't put a background color in until after I've completed the dog, but I thought I'd try something a little different, as I wanted more softness to the background in this piece of art.

I figure it's about time Lady had a painting created...I've been so focused on the cats and neglecting my pups. After Lady, I'll do Max's painting, and then I have a commission work on the schedule.

This painting will be painting # 12 in my pet paintings series. If you would like to nominate your pet for inclusion, please visit GalleryJai.Com to see how.

Many of you have asked about the cats, specifically Mr. T and how he fared after the tree fell on our home this week. Nikko is doing quite well - she seems to be everywhere. I think that trunk hitting the ground must have really shook her energy level up! Here she is sniffing a dandelion:

And here's the elusive Mr. T...lounging on the very driveway that took the hit from the tree. He's laying under a row of pines here, and doesn't seem too worried. As you can tell, he's fine and quite healthy. :)

P.S Don't forget to nominate your pet!

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