Sunday, April 5, 2009

High Winds and Big Trees Equal MESS

So...tonight my daughter and I had been in the driveway 10 minutes before what you're about to see. I was just getting ready to shut the back door to the house when we heard something. The kittens - whom we had all just rounded up and put on the carport - were looking freaked out. Then we heard cracking sounds...then we saw pieces of branches and then BOOM. This HUGE tree which is actually my neighbor's tree, landed in our driveway and nailed the back of the house. It shook the whole house!

We are very lucky...this tree - 5 foot further right, would have landed on my children's bedrooms! We have found all the cats except Mr. T....we haven't found him yet and I hope he is not under this tree anywhere!

Here's some photos of the damage - this first photo is looking toward the carport. That's my little car - one tail light is busted.

This next photo is looking from the neighbors house toward ours.

You can see my husband's truck on the damage to it that we have seen yet.

The two windows you see there are my children's rooms. Like I said, we are very lucky!

Looking toward the front of the house...Notice Rowdy sitting there checking things out:

A couple more shots...I see my gutter in there!

We can't get out! Luckily a tree cutter is coming in the morning to start working on this mess!

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Justgivemepeace said...

Wow! That's incredible, you guys are so lucky...hoping Mr T shows up soon!