Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Legend is Gone - RIP Gregg Fulkerson

I heard some very sad news last night - singer/songwriter Gregg Fulkerson has passed away at age 44. I knew Gregg from my college days at Freed-Hardeman. His band, Blue Tears (shown below) was very popular with all of us from Henderson, TN. They filmed the video Rockin' With the Radio in Henderson, and hundreds of us came out to participate by driving our cars through town for the filming. Yes, somewhere, I'm in that video (shown below)...somewhere in that sea of cars, I sit.

Left to right:
Back row...Bryan Hall & Charlie Lauderdale
Front...Michael Spears & Gregg Fulkerson

When I heard Gregg passed away, the very first thought that came to me was Blue Tears and the video - maybe not famous for any of you reading this, but definitely a memorable moment in my mind. Henderson was not that exciting of a town back then. Friday nights were spent cruising Main Street, circling the Sonic Drive-In, and cruising back on Main again. We'd park our cars all through town, get out, sit on the hoods and the trunks and listen to music and talk and laugh. Those were the simpler days. My Blue Tears cd is a constant memory of that simpler time, when life was easy and fun.

The thing that saddens me most about Gregg's passing is that he was such an incredible artist. It makes me happy though, that he was still following his musical path, and that he died doing what he loved to do. It inspires me to keep on keepin' on, doing what I love to do with my art. This sad event is just another reminder that life can be snuffed out, just like that. And if that can happen so unexpectedly, I'm going to be spending my time doing what I love to do.

My prayers are with the Fulkerson family, Gregg's son, friends, fellow musicians and friends as they all gather to say goodbye to someone who graced this world with beautiful artistry through his music and songwriting.

Visit Gregg's MySpace page, and listen to his current music. Learn more about Blue Tears here. Below is the Blue Tears Video, Rockin' With the Radio.

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