Tuesday, August 5, 2008

#35 Yellow Lily

Once again, another incredible flower photo by Allyson, taken in our neighbors garden. Our neighbor, Ms. June, has gardens around the front and back of her house, the side of her house, the front of the storage building, and the side bordering our lot.

She works tediously every year - outside each day in the tremendous heat - cultivating her beautiful blooms. She said gardening is like therapy to her - it soothes her soul and makes her smile when she sees new blossoms. She knows exactly what to plant where, and how to take care of each one. She knows the names - both technical and simple - of each flower. She is a master at her craft, and this photo of one of her lilies proves it.


#35 Yellow Lily Thank You Greeting Cards (Pk of 10

#35 Yellow Lily Get Well Greeting Cards (Pk of 10)

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