Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#43 Stop & Smell the Feathers

Over the weekend, we've had some fabulous photo sessions with the kittens, plus Allyson has acquired some great shots of some other cool things. Our neighbor Bill came over with his big professional camera and spent quite a bit of time photographing the kittens. These are two of his photos of Oreo. I've named this design "Stop and Smell the Feathers", and these two pictures are now on 3 different cards in my shop.

The feather toy is actually a Christmas ornament I picked up at Hobby Lobby, and Oreo is quite taken with it! She loves to pick it up and run off with it!

I have several more photos to share from this session, and will get them uploaded soon. Bill got some great shots of them!



Z-ville said...

Don't you wish Oreo would stay a kitten forever! She's just so darn cute.

Iris said...

That has to be THE cutest kitten in the world - and the most photogenic!