Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bugs on Steroids!

I don't want to gross anyone out or anything - and no - I'm NOT putting these on cards...(I don't think...LOL)...but I just had to share what I just saw out in the carport. The first photo is a big ugly bug on my CAR TIRE. And get this...he is *dead*. That is just a shell! So I'm sitting here thinking two things: 1) Where are these bugs getting the steroids? They seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year! and 2) Where did his "insides" go? Hmmmm....the things I can sit around here and ponder on my day off.

Now here is photo #2. This guy was sitting there on the carport when I went out. He is about 3" long! I snuck up behind him and shot him. I must have literally shot him, because the third photo is of what I found 10 minutes later when returning to the carport - he was about 5 feet further from where he'd been and upside down!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled day...hopefully bug-free!



Michael said...

Just goes to show that God love variety!

Islipian said...

The first one is a cicada, right?? I used to see the "shells" like that all the time when I was little and living in Delaware. I can't think of the last time I saw one!

Jai Johnson said...

Yes I think it is a cicada. Oh, and BTW, that second one was just playing dead...I went out there later and a leaf was on top of his belly. I went to pick up the leaf and his feet MOVED! EEK!