Friday, August 22, 2008

#62 Women & Cats (featuring Niko)

Niko posed so elegantly for Allyson in the first photo here. And it looked like she (yes we've determined Niko is a "she") had something very important to say. So here she is with a little life lesson. :)

Below, you'll see Niko after she returned from a rainstorm. Hard to believe it's the same kitten! She looked like a little wet rat...all skinnied up. LOL She is shown below in her rainstorm glory, cleaning her little toes. (and yes, I dried her off with a towel after taking this photo!)


P.S. We should have some really cool photos after this weekend - I have discovered a safari park nearby that we're going to go to on Sunday if it doesn't rain. Allyson and I plan to take lots of photos!


Michael said...

Obviously written by a woman or a cat. LOL


Jai Johnson said...

Nope, it was written by a man (who learned it the hard way, I'm sure!)-- LOL

Islipian said...

you're going to need to keep adopting kitten models!

Kat Simpson said...

Love the photo AND the verse :) Kat