Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#48 Happy Labor Day

This is a custom design I just completed for a client. It turned out so well, and worked good on my shop products, so I decided to upload it. There's not a lot of Labor Day cards and such out there - at least not around here in Jackson, TN. So I thought it would be something different.

This is a photo I shot of my neighbor's flag. The photo was shot just for this custom order. It was difficult to angle the shot just right so it didn't get the neighbor's house, cars, or the powerlines, but I finally got a shot that worked well.

And remember that little hummingbird I've been working on getting decent photos of for a month now? One of them flew right up in my face while I was shooting the flag! He was about 12 inches from the camera lens, looking right into it! Of course I shot photos of him, but because I had the zoom on for the flag, it was just a major blur. Maybe someday I'll get a good shot of the little hummers.



Kat Simpson said...

Hummers are hard - but you did great on the Flag!

Jai Johnson said...

Thanks Kat!