Wednesday, August 20, 2008

#61 A Wedding (featuring Oreo...of course!)

I think she's still too young for marriage, but doesn't she look adorable dressed up for a wedding? She had fun playing with the little pearls and ribbons. I think this was her favorite "outfit" during that photo shoot. :)


By the way, on this design, customization *is* available. I can put the names and wedding date on the back of many of the shirts, or in place of the verse. Pricing will remain the same as what you see on the site. I've just had someone order the magnets to put on the wedding tables as a cute "take home gift" for guests with their name and wedding date in place of the verse. Good idea for those who might have a wedding coming up!

#61 A Wedding Greeting Card


Z-ville said...

Jai, this is one of your cutest shots ever. How did you ever get her to stay still to take the picture?

Jai Johnson said...

Thanks! Allyson got her to sit still by holding another toy up. Of course, we catch them when they are sleepy for these photos, too, and that helps a lot. Now wouldn't be a good time for's dark out and they are playing because they love to stay up at night!

365DaysInTucson said...

Jai, have you ever thought of trying to get one of the big card companies to buy your designs? I'm not sure how you would do that but maybe something to look into! If Hallmark loves you you could retire!