Wednesday, August 6, 2008

#37 Life is a Journey, #38 Light, & the girl behind the camera

I thought I'd introduce you to the other photographer behind our camera, my daughter Allyson. Allyson has become quite adept at photographing herself. I've tried to photograph myself and oh my, what a nightmare that was. She has become very skilled at it though, as you can see by these two pictures she took of herself.

I really like this second one with the neat lettering she did. It almost looks like a CD cover to me!

Below are two of Allyson's photographs, both turned into greeting cards. The floral one is titled "Life is a Journey", and the other one is titled simply "Light", but I created a friendship verse for that card. The friendship card is quite personal for me, as I had what I thought was a "true friend" leave me in my darkest moment a year ago. A true friend that doesn't do that should be thanked - which is why I designed the card...for those of you who have friends who stick with you during the dark times.


#37 Life is a Journey Greeting Cards (Pk of 20)

#38 Light Greeting Cards (Pk of 20)


Z-ville said...

What beautiful shots! I do believe your daughter inherited your artistic talent.

theysaywordscanbleed said...

gorgeous photos!

Federal Way florist

Michael said...

Allyson is beautiful just like her Mom.

I love the picture of Oreo in the car.