Saturday, August 2, 2008

#28, 29, & 30 - Oreo does Halloween!

Yesterday Allyson and I attempted another kitty photo shoot. We did get several of Oreo with this pumpkin (see below about this pumpkin!). We tried with Rowdy, but he wanted no part of it, as usual! So the plan was to get up this morning and try again. First thing this morning, I went out to see the kittens and - EGADS! - they are gone!

Boots does this every so often...she takes them somewhere for the day and she won't bring them back up until nighttime. I said to her, "Bootsie...where did you put the kittens?" Needless to say, she looked at me with sleepy eyes and laid right back down.

I guess Momma needs a break, but it sure conflicts with the photo schedule I had planned for today. Sigh. Anyway, here are some of Oreo's shots from yesterday and card samples of the 3 designs I've created are shown below too. Hope you like them!


P.S. I went to Hobby Lobby the other day to find a plastic pumpkin to use for a Halloween photo shoot with the kittens. They had TONS from small to large, and they look very I picked up one about the same size as this one and glanced at the price. That's about the point I nearly passed out on the floor...they wanted $22 for a plastic pumpkin this size - and from CHINA nonetheless! (i.e. mega-mass produced...probably cost them 10 cents each). Now, if it were a glass, or porcelain, or pottery type material, I could understand - but we are talking hollow, lightweight plastic. So I told my mom about my pumpkin dilemma. She said "I have's an antique, too!" So I picked this one up from her to use. I love it too, because I adore antiques. :)

Why don't you consider doing something different this year, and sending friends and family some Halloween cards? And Ebayer' about some of these to send to your customers this year? :) Here's 3 styles of cards featuring Oreo and her Halloween photos:

#30 Happy Halloween Postcards (Package of 8)

#29 Halloween II Note Cards (Pk of 20)

#28 Halloween I Greeting Cards (Pk of 20)

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Iris said...

That is THE cutest kitten - and all your shots are great. Hope she'll be back tonight, I look forward to more pics.