Friday, August 15, 2008

#53 Boss (otherwise known as a nightmare photo shoot with Max!)

So Allyson had this bright idea to put a tie on Max for a photograph. Michael gave up his money tie for the event. First of all, Max does NOT sit still - EVER. If you are standing, he is moving. Second of all, we discovered Max does not like wearing ties! He was not happy about this ordeal at ALL, but I managed to get two decent photos to work from - to the left is the image I designed for German Shepherd fans like myself.

The second photo hasn't been touched yet, as I am waiting for a good work or business-related saying/verse to come into my brain...and it's not here yet. Yes, Max not only physically exhausts me, but mentally as well!

The other two images here - while blurred (remember the dog is ALWAYS moving) - represent a couple of different expressions I got from Max while trying to do this shoot. I thought you'd find them amusing. :)

Jai do you like my fancy photo "studio"? Yes, that's where I shoot all those kitten photos too!

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