Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Trip to the Safari Park in Alamo, TN

For years on our trips from Jackson over to Dyersburg, TN, I would gaze longingly at the buffalo grazing in the fields of the Conley farm as we passed by. Often in the midst of what seemed to be nowhere, you'd see spectators pull off of the side of the road and get out of their cars to look at these massive creatures. Occasionally, you'd also get a glimpse of zebras, peacocks, llamas, and other wildlife. I remember saying to my husband "Someone who lives there is raising wildlife! I wish we could go there!"

It was just last week when I heard a commercial on the radio - the Conley farm in Alamo, TN is open to the public. So of course, we had to head out there this weekend so I could take a gazillion photographs. And I got some beauties!

You can drive through the park in your own vehicle - it's about two miles along a gravel road, circling through fields where buffalo, various types of deer, llamas, ostriches, and peacocks run wild. In the distance, you can see camels grazing. Occasionally you'll spot an ostrich egg lying around.

You end up at a gift shop and petting area, with people to talk with you about the animals, their traits, how they are raised, where they came from, etc. It's southern hospitality at it's best on a wonderful farm smack in the middle of West TN. If you haven't visited the Safari Park in Alamo, you need to. Get the details on their website here.

Here's some candid shots of Allyson with a couple of different Cockatoos. These birds are quite a bit heavier than our cockatiel and parakeet! Check out Allyson feeding Jerry the giraffe too...I think that's the closest I'd ever been to a giraffe. I'm a short person, so I've always felt small, but I felt invisible next to Jerry! And check out the cute pup - a pomeranian/chihuahua mix, this little fellow herds the goats if they escape their fenced area - which is frequently. :)

At the bottom of this post you'll find a link to a calendar and a poster, which feature a variety of some of my photos from the trip. All net proceeds from the sales of these two items will be forwarded to the Conley farm to feed and care for the wildlife. You can see close ups of the various pictures on the calendar by clicking on the image to go to the page in my shop.


Tennessee Safari Park Wall Calendar

Tennessee Safari Park Large Poster


Islipian said...

*I* want to feed a giraffe!

I had no idea there was a safari park in Tennessee

Michael said...

This trip was alot of fun and the animals were real neat. Thanks for sharing your photos with the universe!

Jai Johnson said...

Hey Betty...I didn't either until I heard it on the radio. I knew there was a farm with the wildlife, but didn't know they were open to the public. I was thrilled! Sure beats going all the way to Memphis to the zoo! Plus here we can get a LOT closer.