Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When is the last time you mailed a hand written letter?

I have hand written cards in the past few years, but I honestly can't remember the last time I sent a hand written letter. The new stationery I'm creating with my art as a focal point is encouraging me to re-enter this lost art of letter writing.

According to some reports, handwritten letters are among the top 25 things disappearing in America today. I can remember as a child, I had several pen pals in other countries. I used to get so excited when I'd receive a letter from another country! The paper was different, the envelope unique. I still have a stack of letters from my high school best friends, and from a few "first loves". It's nice to look back at them. They seem so much more personal and real than emails, tweets and Facebook messages.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to do something different...something which would mean something to someone. I think I'll spend some time hand writing letters over the rest of this year. This thing I used to enjoy so much doesn't have to be lost - it can be revived, with in a simple way - by just DOING IT. :)

I've spent the morning making a few designs for my Zazzle shop. All are totally customizable and I've made it easy so all my customers have to do is type their information in the appropriate boxes. Now my decision is which one to order for myself? I love them all! Since a 55% savings comes into play when ordering 100 sheets, maybe I'll order 10 of each design, so I can have a variety. Then I'll have to make a pact with myself to send out 100 letters. :) I bet it would surprise some folks. I know I'd certainly be surprised if I received a hand written letter in the mail. In fact, it would actually be very nice! I think I'll go for it...and I'll order matching stamps too. :)

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♥ Jai
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